Frequently asked questions

Questions about orders

Can I cancel or change my order?
What if part of my order is wrong or missing?
Can I have my parcel redirected?
Can I use more than one discount code?
Is GST included in the purchase price?

Questions about payments

How can payment be made?
Why am I experiencing issues with credit payment?
When will I be charged?

Questions about shipping and returns

What are your shipping rates?
How can I return something to you?
What is your returns policy?

Questions about protein powder during pregnancy / breastfeeding

Can I take Go Good products during pregnancy?
Can I take Go Good products while breastfeeding?

Questions related to health / diet

Are Go Good products suitable for vegans & vegetarians?
Are Go Good products gluten-free?
Do Go Good products contain banned substances? Are they drug-free sport approved?
Are Go Good protein powders low FODMAP?
Can children use Go Good products?
Is Go Good protein powder ok for diabetics?
Is Go Good protein powder Paleo?
Is Go Good protein powder Ketogenic, ‘Keto’ Friendly?